Thursday, April 16, 2015

Feds have backdoors, now they want front doors too????

The governments around the world are really putting up scarey stories about the terrorists that got away, the child porn dealers, the sex traffic trade, the drug trade...  And all of those "criminals" that are getting away because of encryption... I am going to say it now... BS! BS! BS! BS!

First off what did law enforcement do before they had access to everything we now say, do, places we go, and the things we participate in?  All without warrants and completely illegally?  That is right, they had to hit the ground, they had to actually investigate, they had to actually find evidence in the real world of wrong doing, and hopefully they had to do it using a due process of law that says your innocent until PROVEN guilty and that you had to have probable cause before you rifled through a persons bank records, email, phone calls, and your location data.... I mean seriously.  Technology not only has made people LAZY, but also appears to give them permission to act LAWLESSLY!  Every day now it seems like we here another story about law enforcement listening in on calls, rifling through your life, car, and personal belongings and no probable cause.  Now we get this BS story... I am ready to PUKE!

Feds want to violate your privacy and security

Now the Feds are demanding not just a back door into our systems which after the Snowden revelations it is clear they already have that...  But now they want a front door... to quote them.  Check out the article and ponder on it for a bit.  Let me just clue you in that if you back any of your data up to the cloud, or anything is synced off of your devices externally... If it isn't encrypted it is already being handed over to the Feds...  So they can cry me a river about IOS 6 encryption etc... but is is all smoke and mirrors... 

I frankly think it is time to start saving copies of PGP and SSH everywhere and start thinking about a soon to come world where it is illegal to have any rights at all... Just sayin...

My next installment if I get some time I would like to talk about the Trusted Platform Module and why I think this is flawed.

In the mean time apply those patches, shutdown those un-used services... And think hard about using encryption.

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